• About H.A.T.E

    H.A.T.E , Hackney Area Tabletop Enthusiasts is a group of likeminded gaming aficionados , who upon finding the Bethnal Green Working Mans Club , have become one of the capitals most attended wargaming venues and clubs.
    Roleplaying has always been close to the heart of the founders of H.A.T.E, ,a vibrant roleplaying group, playing anything from Dungeons and Dragons to Hillfolk , Cyberpunk and other games that take the attendees fancy.

    So soon on the 22nd of April 2018, we are launching HATE RPG CON , a days gaming dedicated to RPGS and those who play them.

    So you can play in one day long session.

  • Blackpowder 5th ED DD , Old Atlantis 5th ED DD , Taken at the Flood a Cthulhu Dark based around Hurricane Sandy, RAILROADED! An Aces & Eights adventure , Heroquest : Operation Morning Glory is a near-future game of genetically enhanced operatives & more to be announced.
    We've got two session times, 10am and 2.30pm. Games run for 2.5 hours, with an hour for lunch and ending at 5pm. We're still looking for more GMs to run games for 5-6 players.

    Blackpowder - 5th Edition , Magic mixed with flintlock pistols , swashbuckling derring do. (Jack Glanford)

    Old Atlantis - 5th Edition , The ancient city , influenced by Conan , Red Sonja , a regular game at HATE makes its appearance here , its a drop in campaign with a overarching plot. (Lex Bigal)

    Heroquest : Operation Morning Glory , The year is 2050 , and your enhanced operatives for the British Government. (Dan Barker)

    Taken at the Flood , the Dark comes to Sandy Hook (Dee Harding)

    RAILROADED! , (Hreg Mysterio)



  • The Bethnal Green Working Mans Club

    42-44 Pollard Row, London E2 6NB

    Parking: Free on Saturday only, at the west end of Columbia Road, London E2, 5-10 minutes walk.
    Tube: Bethnal Green (central line)

    Train: Bethnal Green

    Access: The club has poor disability access as there are steps into the venue, and down to the con area.



  • Hate RPG Blog

    today we started advetising for the games day , paypal will soon be active , and we have settled...
    Hi all , James here , today sees the launch of HATES rpg website for the upcoming con on the 21st...
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